Part of our Mystic Magic School this summer was an exploration into pendulums. Pendulums are ancient tools used for divination. A pendulum can be anything with weight that can dangle from a fixed point, and is free to move in all directions.  I’ve seen pendulums made of crystal, wood and metal. I’ve even used my necklace in a pinch.


Pendulums are a great way to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to any question. Should I take this new class? Will this new idea be an improvement for my business? Pendulums remind us of flow, rhythm and calibration. I use my pendulums for many things and I love to have certain pendulums for special focuses.  I have pendulums specific to pricing products, my inner rings, my right livelihood, healing, space clearing and more. 

I love using pendulums to offer insights into the manifestation of ease, grace, abundance, and fun! Much like wands, pendulums can be an extension of your higher self.

When choosing a pendulum, pay attention to the ones you feel drawn to, even if it isn’t what you expect. Then, let yourself be guided by how your unique pendulum communicates.  When I receive a new pendulum, the first thing I like to do is meditate with it to infuse it with my energy and intentions. Once you feel comfortable and acquainted with your pendulum, it’s time to start communicating.

Start with a yes/no question you know the answer to such as, “Am I wearing a red blouse?” Hold the chain or string of your pendulum loosely with your thumb and first finger and let it dangle.  Hold the question in your mind and watch which direction your pendulum moves in.  If it moved forward and back, you know that is how it gives you a yes answer. If it moves in a circle, watch if it is clockwise or counter-clockwise. 

Now, ask a no question like “Am I wearing a green blouse?”  Hold your pendulum and watch what it does.  If it swings left and right, that’s how it will give you a no answer, or it may circle the opposite way. Great! Now you’ve attuned to each other and can start asking your deepest questions.

At times, you pendulum may stay in one spot and shiver or wiggle, giving no clear answer.  When that happens to me, I check myself to see where my energy may not be clear.  Was my question unclear? Do I have a hidden agenda I’m trying to validate? Did I ask a who, what, when or where question instead of a yes/no question? The best advice I can give when this happens is to take a deep breath, ground and center yourself, make sure your question is clear, and try again.

Pendulums can be a little moody, require lots of respect and clear communication, and when treated properly, can be incredible tools for divination, diagnostics and clearing.  Having said that, it’s time to talk about Pendulum Abuse. 

The biggest form of pendulum abuse is asking the same question over and over again until you get the answer you want.  Pendulums will always answer your question, but it may not be the answer you expected. Accept the answer you get and if it isn’t what you expected, it’s time to do some inner work to find where your resistance lies.

I love to take my pendulum with me wherever I go, in my purse, pocket or even in my bra. I like to tuck it into my pillow case or carry it in a special pouch. You never know when you might need clear wisdom to make a decision.  Is this the right turn to make? Do I need to stay here another day? Is everything going well at home?

Like my other mystical tools, I keep my pendulum clean, clear and well protected from outside energies.  I like to put my pendulum in the sunlight or moonlight periodically. Pendulums also love to be in contact with the earth.

I recommend using the Magic Triangle in any session with your pendulum.

Here's how I use the pendulum:

-IN BREATH: Take a deep breath and ground yourself. Visualize your roots and place yourself intentionally in the here and now.

-INTENTION:  Clear your energy, open a clear channel for sacred inquiry, and clarify your intention and question. Establish a connection with your pendulum. Take a moment to feel into it.

-CONTAINER: In this case, the container is the pendulum and the question together.

-CREATION: Remember, creation has two parts, starting with Aligned Action. Use your question to activate the pendulum to the inquiry at hand. Then comes Alchemy, the pendulum does the communication.

-OUT BREATH: Finish with another deep breath, clearing and cleaning your pendulum and giving thanks for its service. Place it back in its special spot and release the connection.

Your relationship with your pendulum will get stronger, clearer and more potent with use. Remember to always express gratitude and respect with your pendulum. And, don’t forget to have fun! Visualize, sing, add movement, and create ritual or routine that feels right and perfect for you.



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