Peacemaking Within

Peacemaking is such an important part of how we live together on this earth. In challenging situations, some might find it stressful to implement the tools of peacemaking with others. When I feel this energy in my own life, I breathe and remember one important phrase: “Peacemaking begins within.”

Are you making peace with yourself?

When we find it challenging to make peace with others, it could be because we haven’t made peace within ourselves.

Assume positive intent: Am I assuming positive intent within myself?  Stop and look at the action or words you are about to use. Are my words peaceful? Are my intentions in this situation for the highest good? When we don’t feel positive within ourselves, it’s easy to see false intentions in the actions of others.  Does this person really mean harm, or am I reacting with fear from past experiences that aren’t relevant to this situation?

Listening: Find quiet time to listen deeply to your own intuition. What is my body trying to tell me? What truths are within me that I haven’t been willing to hear? Perhaps it’s time to go to your sit spot and truly be with yourself and listen deeply to your own true wisdom. 

Seek unity, clarity and connection: Do you have core routines that develop unity, clarity and connection within yourself? Or, do you feel pulled in many directions without a clear path for yourself? Allowing yourself to find and align with your unique purpose and path brings clarity of direction and the ability to connect with those who support and benefit from your special gifts.

Honor the differences: You are a unique and special individual. No one else has your perspective, or your abilities. I see too many women who don’t follow their dreams because someone else is already on that path.  Imagine a world where there was only one artist, only one massage therapist, only one life coach or only one peacemaker. No one else can bring your unique perspective.

Release and Forgiveness: We aren't perfect. We all make mistakes, unintended or otherwise. To access peace, you've got to forgive and release. The Ho’oponopono forgiveness and compassionate healing practice from the Hawaiian tradition is wonderful for helping to forgive and release.

Ho'oponopono contains four simple, yet powerful statements.  Imagine speaking and sinking into these statements addressed to whatever divine power you invoke:

"I’m sorry."  I take responsibility for my role in the difficulty I'm experiencing.

"Please forgive me."  Though I accept responsibility, I am human and have difficulty letting go of the patterns and energy that cause the misperceptions that lead to conflict.

"I love you."  I acknowledge the ultimate unity of all with the divine, and rely on divine power to heal the illusions that have led to perceived conflict.

"Thank you."  I express my gratitude to the divine for helping me to identify my mistaken perception of separation and recognize the underlying essence of love.

These simple words can create miracles and lead to greater peace within the self and with others.

Making peace within allows our strengths to manifest into peaceful interactions with others. Following steps like these can become “core routines” that invite deep peace into the inner rings of your life, which will create ripples throughout all you do.

To peace….in gratitude, xo Lindsay


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