The Third Transformational Lever: Prosperity & Abundance Forecast


The Search.

In 2022 we will see more people continue to search urgently for wholeness, meaning and alignment in the way that they both earn their livelihoods and conduct business. As folks experience the sustained burnout of not acting in Sacred Commerce and Prosperity, we will see it manifesting at every layer from gig economy workers, employees, managers, entrepreneurs, as well as partners and executives.

The Lever:

There is an opportunity in facilitating what spiritual alignment and what the ways forward look like.


Walking away or Walking towards?

We will see more folks willing and starting to walk away and towards opportunities that are fostered in mutual respect, sharing, and community. This will ramp up as the violence of toxic environments and paradigms are no longer tenable. As folks get further glimpses into what is possible within upright spiritual/humane alignment found and honored in sacred commerce, we will see more pocket communities, endeavors, and workplaces that are attempting to live into that shift.

The Lever:

There is an opportunity in the grace of inquiry to ascertain what needs to be left behind. This is true in both corporate and less structured environments, as well as ensuring that the new destination isn't fraught with the same.

Capital and Prioritization.

As Capital continues to be allocated toward the existing prioritizations of liquidity, stock, and asset markets with the traditional toolsets of investment, finance, and Fed/Government interventions, we will continue to have more visibility around systemic cracks and how people fall through them. Spirituality and meaning will continue to be explored, searched for, and elevated as people ask of themselves and their enterprises, “What are new ways?” and “Is this fulfilling, meaningful and generative?”.

An increase in labor movements will ramp up as well as entrepreneurship, both being born out of the shadow of continued and escalated labor exploitation, increased inequities, and continued pandemic structural shifts. 

The Lever:

There is opportunity and necessity in a spiritual lens to systemic issues as people prepare to wade through them, reckon and reconcile them. Tools will be needed.

Power and Divinity.

Existing power structures will make increasing attempts to exercise every lever for masking those systemic cracks which splinter our wholeness. This as power structures provide placating actions/ statements in concert with media machines, without committing to the accountability of actually solving root issues. Mystics must "hold the wand", and facilitate light and clarity, combined with grace and compassion for those running up against those dynamics along with the baskets of grief, loss and burnout.

The Lever:

One generative opportunity is to demonstrate acts of sharing power and resources from a sacred place. Helping to clear the untrue while facilitating testimony of the "abundance mindset" that sharing power and resources bring, without the shadow side of perceived expectation of loss related to zero-sum game frames.

Systemic failures and the sacredness of Liberation.

A silver lining around increased pockets of systemic failings will lead to increased innovation, collaboration, opportunity, and investment-seeking. We will see more movement towards liberatory Co-creation, sharing, community cohabitation, and mutual-aid paradigms. As people in more and more spheres look to honor our highest selves and the divine through our shared and individual commerce, investments, relations, resources, and processes, more will come to realize and really know that it is both vital and possible to have what we need. Shared abundance will take on larger importance and traction, though we will not eliminate exploitation and extraction
as it shifts and looks to be further hidden. People will seek complete breaks from toxic systems, environments, managers, partners, and clients and be more willing to walk and build towards more generative paradigms.

People will seek complete breaks from toxic systems, environments, managers, partners, and clients and be more willing to walk and build towards more generative paradigms.

The Lever:

This is another area where Mystics can help facilitate and illuminate the way forward, by tapping into folks' connection with Spirit, humanity, imagination, and creativity in helping to show what nets of safety look like, in every variety, not just the economic.


Support for those answering the call.

Many leaders at every layer, named or not, will need additional skills and support, as they wade into new ways that feel unsure at first, like a fawn's first steps. They will need demonstrated truth-telling/naming in unfamiliar (unremembered) ways and frequencies. We will need to provide guidance on the beauty way, and models of economic wholeness, non-usury exchange, and making sure that things are delivered in grace and care from the get-go, unless in the face of harm, violence, or hostilities (where boundaries must be employed). 

The Lever:

Helping to shine a light on spiritual practices that honor sovereignty, models of repair in abundance, and re-allocation of resources. 

Here are inquiries that help guide and align us in our Sacred Commerce and Prosperity:

  • Who and what is unseen in our business processes and transactions?
  • Who is not at our collective table?
  • How is power distributed, who has little or none, who has the lion's share?
  • What does our spirit need to thrive, rest, and be whole?
  • What do our collectives need, and how can we help fill the gaps and awaken the humane and connection to our divine selves even in those moments in a business where folks are not used to this shift? 
  • How can you foster the courage to not reinforce economic, transactional, zero-sum relationships,
    procedures and policies?


About Shawn Moreton, CFA

Shawn Moreton, CFA is a leadership coach, exec diversity, equity, and inclusion expert focusing on organizational, systemic, and relationship dynamics and how they contribute to successes and failures. He is a CFA charter holder, has led global teams, and worked across several finance verticals from Investment Banking, Capital/Portfolio/Liquidity Management, Quantitative/Algorithmic modeling, and Venture Capital, and is very active in philanthropy.

He is also a technology leader and technologist that has deep experience having led teams and worked in Silicon Valley Tech, with deep knowledge across all layers of the tech stack from the database, software/web/front end layers, and developing APIs, and networking. He also has advised digital advertising both as an economist and tech program management consultant.

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