Akashic Record Guidance by Priscilla Stephan


It is time to rise up again sweet Mystics.

Yes - the message is familiar and stronger this time.

You. Are. Needed. Now.

Not tomorrow, not when you have more training,
and not when you think you are ready.

Right. Now.

The world hasn’t stopped suffering, hurting or having too much on its plate and you play a critical role in its healing and in shifting the paradigms of what’s possible, what’s available and what’s ready to be changed right now. 

What people need, and what the world needs is SPACE. 

Space to see what’s right in front of them; space to breathe; space to reflect. And space to listen to their own inner wisdom so they can receive new potent guidance so they can heal, so they can BE with themselves.

And you - dear, darling, sweet Mystic, provide this medicine in the perfect dose, configuration and temperament. 

Do not doubt for a second the potency of your healing powers. 

Do not conjure up ways to overcomplicate the delivery of your offers and gifts. 

Do not overthink what you really wish to say and to whom.

Do not imagine a world that suffers and stays suffering because you’ve lost some ounce or pound of hope about the human condition. 

Anything IS possible and ALL change IS possible when we remove the veil and the fog of doubt, ego, fear, and insecurity and replace it with grounded presence, knowing, trust, and possibility. 

You are the light bearers and the torchbearers and your role is cemented in time, space, place, and all dimensions and realities.

Keep things simple and also keep them flexible.

Consider doing things and playing in contexts and arenas that are outside of the box for you - even for your ego.

Experiment, play and invite yourself or set the intention to be invited into spaces that you’ve ordinarily discounted but that might be a perfect place for you to contribute.

Allow yourself to be marveled and wondered by people by first allowing yourself into the magical worlds of wonder, magic and.... delight yourself.

Yes - there is SO much grief in the collective right now.

Honour your grief, your sadness, your sorrow, your rage.

And also - allow yourself to revel, soak and immerse yourself in magic and wonder. These elixirs of transformation and possibility remain always accessible to us - even in those weary moments when you don’t believe as strongly when your souls get weary and your hearts become heavy and your mind doubts.

In those moments when these deeper, darker questions arise ask:
• Is this change I foresee and hope for really possible?
• Can humanity really save itself from itself?
• Can these deeply oppressive systems and infrastructures REALLY crumble and something better really takes its place? And when?
• Can we really change? Reform? See the light? Embrace all that we are. Good, bad, and indifferent?
• How can we embrace the parts of ourselves that care so deeply and those that don’t care at all?
• How can we embrace light, shadow, darkness, and grief and have the capacity to live and breathe, let alone do more?

Well, the answer my friends comes in reframing and a juxtaposition of how you perceive MORE.

More is not about adding MORE to your plate but as you have already suspected, it is about DISCERNMENT.

It’s about the ability to clearly see: the insight, potency and willingness that it’s about the choice of which actions to take and which ones to delegate rather than the amount of action to take.

Wise Mystics: as the seers and bearers of the Light, you are here to teach self-trust and discernment that this laser pointed arrow-head of discernment is now going to keep getting sharper, sharper and sharper.

The ask is that you discern with whom to speak, whom to serve, whose company to keep and how you show up in the world and what you are focusing your valuable time and energetic resources on.

What really matters to you?

What really needs to get accomplished?

What do you really want to create next?

Who do you want to serve and in what capacity?

What inner and outer infrastructure do you need to have the ability to sustainably, profitably and equitably support those in the world that you feel called to do?

How do you trust yourself and your Mystic ways?

How do you allow yourself to pivot, to shift and to shape-shift as needed?

How do you allow yourself to grieve, to feel sorrow, to feel joy and to expand even further in your capacity to be LOVE, LIGHT and a PORTAL for MAGIC and TRANSFORMATION FOR OTHERS?

We aren’t doers.

We are bearers of wisdom, energy, guidance, light, shadow, grief, sorrow, joy, magic, wonder, awe, beauty, suffering, experience, our ancestors and more.

See the totality of who you are Mystics.

Do not compartmentalize how you see yourself. Do not fragment the vision you have for the world or your desire to create a better world for all.

Trust the process and Trust yourself.

2022 Bonus Section on Grief

There is a collective wave of grief that has surfaced.

We as a species are being confronted with pain, sorrow and suffering in such a way that we can no longer deny, shut off or hide under a rug. 

We are ALL experiencing personal grief in terms of positive and unexpected changes, moves, travel, loss of loved ones, loss of possessions, loss of parts of ourselves and chapters of our lives that no longer
align with who we are becoming. 

And we are fully and totally stretched by this.

Grief is a great teacher and equalizer. 

It humbly and unequivocally reminds us of what makes us human: death, loss, joy, love and the finality of life. 

This is an anchor helping us to discern (again - the sharpening of the arrow-head) of what really matters and to prioritize and to re-arrange how we do life and see life in all the ways so we live more intentionally.

This is the time to FEEL everything. 

This is the time to expand your capacity to FEEL all your emotions.

This is the time to contemplate death, grief, sorrow, mortality and what makes life joyful and worth living for you.

Grief is a beautiful teacher that helps us see ourselves in a more whole light: not just as physical beings experiencing a spiritual journey but as spiritual beings experiencing a physical passage through Earth at this time.

Grief is an invitation to revisit the constructs of time, space, dimensions, relationships, money, health and what makes our lives so rich - and this has nothing to do with what we have but rather with our attitude.

At this time - in 2022 - and as the next few years going into 2025 continue - grief will be an all- present ally, friend, destroyer, slayer, catalyst and warrior helping you to see not only how strong you are - but oh so much more important - WHO you really are: a gorgeous, infinite soul with eternal connections, who gets to love deeply and to be loved in return.

You get to decide what unconditional love means to you and whether you are willing to give it and receive it. Not from an absolute perspective, but from a contemplative space of what could that look like and
do I even believe in such a concept? 

Grief is all about you and your choices.

Grief is all about you and your spectrum and brushstrokes of emotion.

Grief is all about the majesty, beauty and impermanence and eternal aspects of life.

Allow grief to crack you open and to crumble the walls of protection and isolation that have kept you feeling separate from others and protected from pain and suffering.

Allow people in.

Allow all of the pain, sorrow and suffering in.

Do the healing work.

Release the shackles of constraint and liberate yourself from the fear.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

You are eternal as are all of us.

Allow yourself to contemplate in your grief, and to lean into the discomfort, the sadness and the uneasiness that comes with the emotions that arise when you lean into the topics of death, health and grief.

And in this process, also allow yourself to ask: What does living a healthy life really look and feel like to me?• What small or big tweaks can I make to my life
to feel, look and BE better moment to moment?
• Where can I RECEIVE more support and forge greater alliances within myself and with the collective and spiritual worlds?
• Where can I expand my CAPACITY in all ways without that equaling doing more?
• Where can I have more without doing more?
• What else is possible for me to uncover, unravel and unmask on my grief journey?

All this to say and to add that equally interwoven in the tapestry of grief are joy, love, and all of the happier emotions that are part of the human experience.

We could not talk about grief without ALSO talking about joy and magic and wonder and LOVE.

Let yourself FEEL the full spectrum of emotions and to expand your capacity to receive, have, and be ALL of it and ALL of you.

The more you do this, the freer, lighter and happier you will be.

How do you do this, you ask? Where do you start?

With a few deep breaths.

Then with the simple question? How do I expand my capacities and my ability to feel all the emotions present for me to experience with ease and compassion?

Make up your own questions.

Experiment. Play.

Don’t judge any experiences as good or bad.

Do you really know what’s good or bad?

You may discern what feels painful and what does not but do not fall prey to deciding what’s bad or not. You are not God. You do not know all the weavings of life.

May you feel well guided, well blessed and deeply Loved because you truly are.

March forth with Love, Determination, Fierce, Self- Trust, and keep forging, illuminating, and creating the Mystic’s Path before you and inviting others into the magic that is their Inner Mystic.

You’ve got this (as always).

Come back home to yourself whenever you need more support.

Keep asking for support and guidance and know that you are never - EVER alone.

You are so incredibly loved and supported always.

Much love.
{Records Closed}

- Priscilla


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