WEAVING TRADITIONS by Rev. Tammy Lorraine


Birth Story

2023 invites us to welcome and give attention to our birth stories. The tears of grief from days past caused us to awaken to a new view of ourselves and the world around us. This is an opportunity to be born… again.

Our birth stories inform how we show up in the world. You may be thinking of how you were born into the world… the parents you choose, the circumstances you were born into. I am not speaking of the birth story from spirit to flesh. I am speaking of the birth story of the person who is emerging now.

2023 brings into being a world of new spirits who walk the earth. Your soul has transformed as you exist day to day. Nothing feels the same for you. And this is good. You are your own creator. You have separated the water from the firmament, allowing a new form to materialize. Allow yourself permission to feel into this experience.

Rest as a Sacred Act

All new forms rest when they first emerge. This rest comes in many forms. Lay to rest who you were yesterday. This being left you so long ago that the bones have become dust that blew away. Who you were yesterday exists only in your mind. Rest the soul of your old form. Rest the cycles and actions that you did not complete. In your new form come new actions, new ideas, new cycles generated from a new spark given by the Creator. Rest and nourish your body. Directly after birth comes rest and nourishment. Moving through the canal of rebirth takes fortitude. It is natural for rest to want space. Allow rest and feed your body.

Receiving as a Sacred Act

In your first transmutation from energetic spark to existence in material form, you received instructions and gifts. Many of us have struggled to remember our divine notice. In the state of sacred rest, allow yourself to receive a new set of instructions: a new roster of divine gifts.

Celebration as a Sacred Act

2023 brings the spirit of celebration! Re-created souls abound this year. Celebration is a sacred act that consecrates your new and divine purpose. Celebrations lift the energy of intention and purpose. Celebrations are ceremonies acknowledging your evolved spiritual development. Do not take this lightly. Dance and sing with purpose this year!

Sacred Inquiry

In 2023, you are your creator. You give yourself permission to choose your new birth story. Bring yourself into your future. Tell yourself how you were born. Where did you begin? What was your state of being? Who did you become? Describe your journey. Tell us who you are.

May your journey be anointed!

ABOUT Rev. Tammy Lorraine  

Rev. Tammy Lorraine is a minister of Spiritual Consciousness, Priest of the Path to the Sacred Heart, and Spiritual
Life Coach.
IG: Barefoot Oracle

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