April 2023 Insights


“People who make conscious use of their energy can have a positive impact on everyone and everything around them.” ~ The Mystics Path

Honoring yourself and expressing your needs does not have to result in conflict or struggle with others. Who taught you otherwise, at what age? Risk opening to life and all it has for you through radical intimacy. Understand the innocence and purity of authentic desire. Practice accepting yourself, your way and your needs before hoping another will. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated - really this time. Observe where victimhood arises, then transmute it through self-validation and forgiveness. Double down on your purpose and immediate goals. Don’t forget that knowing how to leverage your social capital is also a form of self-reliance. Align your friends and networks to your soul’s mission. - Katina

And we’re off! As we move from March to April, we see those deep roots and focus on grounding really begin to serve us as the pace of life around us shifts. All cards this month share the energy of illumination and support with forward motion. 

Breakthrough opportunities abound this month in your health and wellbeing. Keep an eye out for chances to claim a new path or new way of looking at things. When Breakthrough energies are afoot, we are well served to give gratitude for all we have journeyed and celebrate the new chapter before us. Breakthrough is more than just transformation; it is the visible manifestation of the intentions set, space held, and aligned action taken in the direction of your desires and goals. Ride this wave and let yourself shine in little and big ways this month. 

Similarly, the South card moves into the seat of the second transformational lever this month and thus shines its light on your Relationships. What wants to be seen in your relationships this month? How can you bring more spark, warmth and life force to all you connect with? South is one of the cardinal directions and a powerful ally to passion and play. Stoke the fun and light heartedness (passion even) in matters of the heart this month. 

In keeping with the theme of energy and motion this month, Life Force energies guide your prosperity and abundance. Bring your energy to all things financial this month. Been awhile since you had an in-depth money date? Time to review and renew your financial goals and intentions? This month you will have the energy and focus to get things done related to all things money. 

Despite all the forward motion afoot, we experience Mercury in retrograde for the second time this year this month. Months that hold retrogrades often force us to slow down just when we feel like we are in a flow. But you have the power to use the intersection of motion and pacing for good. Retrogrades give us the opportunity to return, revisit, re-align to what we may have missed along the journey. These times are like a great cosmic “pause” or “reset” that offer the chance to collect any pieces of you lost along the way. Re-gather your bearings at the end of the month and take inventory of all that has unfolded in the first part of the year. Grant yourself permission to journey (March “Journey” energies created the foundation for prosperity this month) in the direction of your wildest dreams of abundance - then align to that place with conscious, well guided steps. With perspective and pacing, the path before us is full of magic and opportunity. - Lindsay