August 2023 Insights


“Trust that your higher self is holding space for your best interest. Assume positive intent in yourself and others along the way. Loosen your grip. Hold the basket lightly. Seeking control over every aspect of your reality does not serve. Your role is to walk the path. Your role is to journey and be journeyed. ” ~ The Mystics Path

You did it. Applaud yourself, then let go. Celebrate the accomplishments of your community. Get out and play! Make fun a priority. Compost workaholism and empower a culture of sustaining wellness. Try on the 80-20 rule or restore it to your core routine. Prioritize health and healing, reminding yourself that REST is imperative to achieve it. Monitor your energy levels throughout the day and recalibrate to balance as defined by you, derived from your unique energetic design. Your hard work has already paid off - the adjustments needed now are details. Keep It Sweet and Simple: KISS. Clean your spaces: physical, digital, mental, emotional and spiritual. - Katina

Air shows up guiding our health and wellbeing this month. From the magic of Shaman to Air. Let these winds of change nourish and delight you. Air has been one of the most influential energies since 2020, which is a powerful opportunity to call in some “breathing room” for us all this year. In the Mystics Oracle, we learn that Air is “a pathway that reminds you to reconnect with your essence.” The guiding principles for your health this month are to both release what no longer serves and to  invite “fresh air” of what is more resonant and aligned. Stagnation, limiting beliefs and rigidity will inhibit your healthy flow this month. Ask yourself the question, “how can I lighten up?” when it comes to your health this month. When in doubt, return to your breath. Bringing conscious awareness to our breath not only renourishes and re-oxygenates our bodies, but it brings us into the here and now. Let your breath guide your way. Higher Self guides our relationships and matters of the heart this month. The Higher Self card invites you to take the bigger picture view of your relationships this month. When we come into community from a place of our higher self, we are accessing what is referred to as our “upright mind.” To walk with upright mindedness is to access our peacemaker hearts and act with compassion and concern for “all our relations.”

When Higher Self shows up in the seat of our relationships, we are being guided to come fully present and aware. This is not the time for unconscious actions or reactions. Slow down and allow yourself to really see. Now is the time to consider “rewriting” any connections from the place of your highest good, your most upright mind, your most honest truth, so that you can walk in “right relationship” with all those who matter most to you. Regardless of where it leads you, you will be proud of how you walked the path this month if you heed this invitation. 

Surrender makes its first appearance in 2023 governing our Prosperity and Abundance. Surrender energies are not about abdication or bypassing. This is not the time to ignore your finances by any means. Instead, strive to loosen your grip on money in order to allow the changes that are trying to manifest to come into form. Surrender reminds us that there is benefit to releasing what does not serve you. Old stories. Old patterns. Go ahead and set them down. Surrender in the realm of your finances benefits from trust, reassurance and circles of support. Perhaps it is time to find a mentor to guide you into Sacred Commerce. Although it can be scary to surrender when it comes to our money, do your best to identify where you are holding on too tightly, as it can restrict the flow of abundance. Use the affirmation “I let go” - again, not to avert your eyes from the truth of your financial matters, but from a place of letting God / Goddess take the wheel. Trust in the divine unfolding. Strive to strive a little less. Surrender is one of the surest paths to righting any imbalance on your “return on energy.” Rest and allow where you can. - Lindsay

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