November 2023 Insights


“If you feel self-sabotage has disrupted your journey, return to your inner ring and take an honest look at yourself. When you adjust your plans from a place of conscious awareness, you disarm self-sabotage.” ~ The Mystics Path

Faith, wisdom, compassion - let these be your trusted guides. Surrender righteousness for scholarship. There is always more to understand, other ways of knowing. Make offerings to the collective ancestors and bow your head to the healing happening through you. See what is sexy about radical acceptance, and adventure through uncertainty knowing you are blessed by grace. Spiritual initiation is a cyclical occurrence; honor your death and rebirth portals. Study the mystery schools that shed light on suffering as a path to freedom and pray for the liberation of all beings. Spiritual warriors unite! Bridgewalkers, offer your magic in service to others. - Katina

 “The remembering of what has been forgotten is a powerful process. It is worthy of every moment it takes.” ~ The Mystics Path


As we move toward the close of the year, we see the Right Livelihood governing our Health and Wellbeing, reminding us to revisit the ways in which our soul purpose, path, and legacy desires influence our health. In the Modern Mystics Institute, we teach people all over the world about these concepts through our annual program “Journey to Right Livelihood.” Right Livelihood consists of three key pillars: your Soul Purpose & Path, Sacred Commerce, and your Leadership and Legacy.

When you are aligned to Right Livelihood you have the experience of feeling on path in the world, and being compensated well from that place, knowing that you are doing what you came into this world to do. Our health is impacted in ways seen and unseen when we are misaligned from our purpose. Dis-ease, stagnation and despondency can follow. Right Livelihood is not a bypassing of physical challenge or of chronic illness. In fact, it can be a life saving workaround for those of us for whom our health inhibits our pathways to livelihood. For those with ideal health, Right Livelihood in the seat of this transformational lever invites you to go deeper, inviting even more profound positive impacts to your wellbeing by refusing to settle for obligations or responsibilities that do not align to your true essence and purpose.

Right Livelihood invites us to integrate our purpose and our legacy work in new ways, so walk in deep inquiry when it comes to decisions about your health this  month. You are your own best guide. You are writing the legacy of your life’s work and your physical constitution benefits in the process. 

In November, the Surrender makes an appearance for the second time this year, this month governing our Heart and Relationships. This is an opportunity to release the drive to strive when it comes to matters of the heart. Soften your grip to allow for the changes that are trying to be made manifest. By releasing your need to control the outcomes, you open up the conditions for magic to flow. Get out of your own way wherever you can and let yourself be guided. Surrender does not mean give up or stop caring. Quite the opposite, Surrender can hold profound energies of both safety and trust. Get clear on where you have been holding on too tight in how you are showing up in the world and with whom.

Surrender gives you the chance to truly allow the change you seek to find you. As you align to those conditions, you experience greater return and reward for your actions, which in turn creates results that leave you feeling more aligned and connected than ever before. This is resonance. 

When it comes to our finances this month, we see the Children card guiding the way. Offering the bookend to the Ancestor card in this position two months ago in September, the Children card this month in November ushers in two primary lessons you may want to apply to your money matters. First, be thinking about the downstream implications of your financial choices. Remember the tenet of the “seven generations” as you discern where your resources are best allocated this month. Choose quality over quantity. Look for places where your choices have a positive impact in the years to come. The second guidepost with this card governing our Prosperity and Abundance is to be conscious not to fall into the shadow of “playing” with your money. Pause to reflect consciously on your financial decisions before making major choices, investments or contractual obligations. Pause and take all the time you need to ensure the choices you make serve you for the long haul. - Lindsay