“The Year of Possibilities” - The Wakeup Call


The 2024 Mystics Almanac illuminates the themes of a year of unwinding and deep exploration. We've been on a journey, and as we step into 2024, we're finally facing the culmination of what has been building for many, many moons. We've been told that big shifts would happen after 2023, and here we are.

2024 is a year of digging deep into the roots, both personally and collectively. The cards that dominate the distribution are the unseen, time, outer, moon, journey, higher self, and earth. These cards indicate that we must go below the surface to find our authentic selves and align with our true purpose.

In this process, we need to embrace both the blessings and the challenges. The universe is guiding us, and we must trust and surrender to the unfolding path. It's not about punishment, despite the errors or missteps of our past, but about growth and transformation. 

Digging deep into our roots and the below can be challenging, especially in a society built on heteropatriarchy and capitalism. A society which in recent times has sorely lacked in medicine and tradition for navigating trauma and grief. We may feel overwhelmed and resistant to confronting the damage from systemic oppression. Still, this process is necessary for healing and dismantling paradigms that bind us to conditions of harm and hold us back from the future based on equity and humanity that we desire to dream into form. 

2024 might not provide us with an "aha" moment, as it's a year of dust settling and coming to terms with what has been undealt with. It's a time to simplify, slow down, and tend to our roots individually and collectively. By doing so, we contribute to claiming the potential for healing in the field.

The Mystics Almanac reminds us that we are here to participate in undoing the harmful narratives and systems that have shaped our world, and to participate in the creation of the new. What has been called the Age of Consciousness is dawning around us. We cannot stay silent or asleep. Embracing the below is a powerful act of resistance against the forces of the world that would hold us down and keep us separate. It is a call to action to simplify and prepare. 

Moreover, this year encourages us to embrace blessings and miracles. Our actions, even those seemingly small, contribute to the greater good. By tending to our roots and reclaiming our divine feminine intuitive knowing, we empower ourselves to create positive change both inner and outer. 

2024 may not offer immediate clarity, but it sets us on a path of growth and understanding. As we untangle the threads of our lives and society, we find our way towards destiny and authentic alignment, holding faith that there are solutions ahead beyond our current contemplation. We must stay open to the possibility of all possibilities. 

In this process, we're reminded of the importance of simplicity, consciousness, and honoring the collective journey we've been on. By doing so, we align with the sacred commerce of life and prosperity.

2024 also urges us to confront the effects of toxic capitalism and bureaucracy. As insurance companies abandon people, it's a clear sign of the harmful effects of our current systems. 

Lastly, there's an intriguing connection to Odin's ladder, suggesting that our micro journey in 2024 mirrors a greater life journey. We must embrace the sacred masculine and explore our life's purpose.

In conclusion, the 2024 Mystics Almanac calls for unwinding, deep exploration, and confronting our roots both individually and as a society. It reminds us to honor both the blessings and challenges, empowering us to dismantle oppressive systems and create positive change. By embracing our authentic selves and destiny, we pave the way for greater clarity and alignment in the future. May the Mystics Almanac guide you day by day and week by week, empowering you to navigate these energetic trends and make the most of the opportunities that arise and the potential before us all. 

May you be...

Well guided. Well protected. Well blessed.

With love and gratitude,

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“The mirror on my wall casts a shadow dark and small but I’m not sure at all it’s my reflection. I’m blinded by the light of God and truth and right, and I wander in the night without direction. So I’ll continue to continue, to pretend my life will never end, and flowers never bend with the rainfall. No matter if you’re born to play the king or pawn, for the line is thinly drawn ‘tween joy and sorrow, so my fantasy becomes reality and I must be what I must be and face tomorrow. So, I’ll continue to continue, to pretend my life will never end, and flowers never bend with the rainfall.” ~ Simon and Garfunkel, Flowers