The Earth is calling us closer in more ways than one.
Sinking deeper into our roots, we find medicine for these times.

When we send our focus to the energies below our feet, we attune with the ancestors and the natural world. We connect with deeper wisdom and stronger root systems. That’s the alignment that is most essential now.

There’s a lot of “positive outcome” energy showing itself in the 2024 oracle. Not all is lost, not by a long shot. AND neglect and negativity won’t get us where we want to go. The emotional, mental, and physical planes all need tending within and without.

We need to ask ourselves which processes, circles, activities, rituals, or practices sustain us the most (and are the most sustainable). When we invest time into those, the yields will be significant. Wherever you get the most nourishment and sense of peace, whatever and whoever brings you the most joy and reminders of your awesomeness, those are the places to BE and people to BE with. Whatever discernment that’s come into focus over these last four years in particular can now be elevated by saying YES to the things you love the most.

Questions to ponder:

  • How do you ground down into a feeling of support, nourishment, and calmness?
  • Can you feel your body?
  • Do you have trust?
  • Where is your true wealth coming from?

For the answers you seek, look to your creativity, your community, and your inner world that sustains your spirit. Tend to the soil of your heart, mind, and body in small but mighty ways. Think about earthworms and mycelial networks. Listen deeper to your own inner rhythms.

My prayer for 2024 is this...

May the Lovers in our own hearts shine bright.
May Truth and Justice dissolve chaos and hatred.
May we recognize ourselves in each other along the journey.
May the wisdom in our bodies and our love of the Earth sing in harmony once again.

Thank you for being here. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

With Love and Blessings,

ABOUT Sarah Love McCoy

Sarah Love McCoy is an artist, writer and teacher working on expanding and awakening the power of love in herself and human hearts the world over. 

Creator of the “I Stand For Love” Calendar, Sarah's best known for her daily nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. She is dedicated to delivering a message of love every day to help us remember the truly innate magic we hold while cultivating hope for the future. Also, the illustrator of the Mystics Oracle Deck, Sarah uses art as a gateway to intuition and knowing.

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