A love letter channeled from Sacred Worth, an ancient crone-like energy, deep from the soils of the Earth, here to speak about Money.

Dear Beloved,

In the timeless embrace of our Mother Earth, beneath the gnarled roots of the World Tree, resides an ancient and crone-like energy known as Sacred Worth. This ethereal guardian of profound wisdom whispers her secrets from the very marrow of the Earth. Today, I share with you a channelling from this enigmatic force—a love letter that reveals the mystical depths of the enigma we call Money. 

Have you ever wondered why the "M" in Money is capitalized? It is because Money is not just currency; she is a potent energy, a deva of sacred wisdom and alchemy. Her essence has flowed through the ages, an eternal river with boundless currents, bestowing both prosperity and adversity upon humanity.

To honor and truly live in integrity with Money, we must recognize her for what she is—a force that ebbs and flows, much like the tides of the eternal sea. Money embodies fluidity and life-giving energy, akin to the precious waters that nourish our planet. She reveals herself as a gift from ancient merchant priests, a manifestation of sacred exchange that once nurtured peace among our ancestors.

The resonance of Money mirrors the rhythms of our own existence. When aligned with our soul's purpose and Right Livelihood, Money flows naturally, like the breath filling our lungs, providing us with a sense of safety, grounding, and support. Yet, when we stray from our authentic path, the flow of Money may slow, leaving us feeling parched and brittle, consumed by fear and uncertainty. 

To cultivate a profound, nurturing relationship with Money, we must dedicate time to her. This can be achieved through the meticulous examination of our financial affairs. By knowing exactly what flows in and out each month, we create pools of abundance and direct the flow of Money like a wise river. In this way, we embark on a journey of resiliency, safety, tenderness, and love for Money.

The path of Sacred Worth is not without its trials, especially for those who were not born into privilege. To those who carry this burden, know that you are just as worthy of ease and grace as any being on this Earth. Claim this birthright for yourself.

Irrespective of where you stand on your life's journey, let us pause and give thanks for the countless ways Money has supported us. May we remain conscious and aware of the beauty inherent in Her.

Remember: Money, at her core, is neutral—a guide and messenger. She communicates through the gentle whispers of our intuition, revealing whether we are in harmony with ourselves and the world or if we have strayed from our path. Money's essence is to illuminate the road to Sacred Worth and true resonance.

In this present moment, we stand at the precipice of a new form of sacred exchange and reciprocity. It is a power born of choice, a choice in how we utilize Money for change. Understanding where our Money flows is crucial. Just as we scrutinize the ingredients on a can of soup, we must inquire into the origins of the products we consume, wear, and use. Where do they come from? How are they made? Do they emerge from kindness, love, and the regeneration of Earth and soil, or do they perpetuate fracking and the continual depletion of our natural resources? Each dollar we spend is a vote for the world we wish to create, a chance to heal our
planet and leave a legacy for generations to come.

To conclude: by embracing the mystical essence of Money, we unlock the door to a realm where the ordinary merges with the divine, where the alchemy of the soul dances in harmony with the energy of abundance. Let Sacred Worth illuminate your path, and you shall find resonance with the sacred flow of Money.

If you desire to journey deeper into the embrace of Sacred Worth and Money, consider these sacred inquiries: How do you tend to your Money, the embodiment of Sacred Worth? Through which lens do you perceive Money's intrinsic beauty? How much time do you devote to communing with Her, to assessing the state of your resources, and to ensuring that your choices mirror your innermost values?

May your journey be blessed with wisdom, love, and the ineffable magic of the sacred.

With eternal gratitude,
Sacred Worth, channeled by Allison McDanel

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