Finding Daily Delight by Karen Crane


Finding Daily Delight

My newest happiness practice is finding a Daily Delight. I invite you to try it out. Whatever your personal chaos, this practice is an important tool to lift you to a higher
vibration, which always helps you think more effectively. I do this early on, to set the tone for the day. Throughout the day, I do it again whenever I need a lift.

So, what is delight? It is a delicious spark of happiness, a quick moment of joy that shows up suddenly and lifts you into a higher vibration. Seeing something beautiful, like a fresh flower, or smelling your favorite food: these and many other things can ignite delight. Look around, they will find you. 

To develop a Daily Delight Practice, there are two important steps. First, make finding delight an intention. Frequently, something delightful shows up on its own. If it doesn’t, a walk in my garden or in nature always brings delight. Second, recognize delight when it comes and embrace it. Feel the lift, let your lips curl into a smile and BE delighted. Don't let the moment pass by without acknowledging it. Seal in the lift by naming the moment. “Ah! Here it is! Delight!” Claim it and feel it settle in your body. 

Why do this? Because it expands the edges of whatever box you are currently experiencing. It opens a doorway for something more, something you otherwise would not have seen. Being delighted puts you on a different baseline, where you can see new choices and opportunities. For a moment, stress is relieved. You feel a moment of respite, allowing you to reduce urgency, be more patient, and feel that you have a little more time. All the chaos, all the mess: they are still there to deal with, but you are a little different. You will see them in a new light, with some new possibilities. 

These days, it is essential work to keep your vibration high, loving, and positive. The world needs you in your place of power, making practical decisions about actions you want to take. From your power place, you can shift the attitude of a room just by walking into it. This supports others to step into their power. Despite problems, your own life will work better, and so will the lives of everyone around you. 

More Daily Delight? Yes, please! I’m ready for it. 

ABOUT Karen Crane

Karen Crane is an empowerment mentor with a focus on helping others express their Luminous Soul in all they do. As a Lifestyle Alchemist, Karen's passion is sharing tools that support women to transform their lives. Spirituality, living from love, and a Divine Feminine mindset are at the core of her coaching and teaching. Her spiritual marketing background has led her to work with female entrepreneurs transforming the face of their businesses. Her transformational tools resonate deeply with the new models of leadership and online business.

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