ASTROLOGY INSIGHTS: Year of Staying Awake in the Infinite 8 by Katina Castillo


A message to the reader...

*This astrological interpretation & divination focuses on the U.S. context. As an Evolutionary Astrologer, Depth Psychologist and Indigenous wisdom-keeper, I do not believe it is possible to extract myself from my context, perspective and experience. Therefore, I encourage all readers to translate the message and central  energetic themes to your own unique context, trusting your intuition and discernment as to what is for you, and leaving the rest. Safe travels. 

Here comes 2024: the year many of us have been waiting for, consciously or not. Pluto officially infusing Aquarius for the next 20 years signals the beginning of a mutation process into freedom like we have never known before and a long-awaited end to the cumbersome transformation of Capricorn’s outworn ways. Since 2008, Pluto has been painstakingly dismantling the leadership, legacy, and infrastructure of Capricorn’s shadow of supremacy, overwork, and repression. It has felt like sitting at the bedside of a dying elder who is resisting the natural process of letting go, struggling and suffering to the point of weighing down the lives of everyone involved.

We have been utterly exhausted, grief-laden, and dangerously deprived of joy, play, and adventure. But now Moon’s north node in Aries, which guides our collective destiny in 2024 from start to finish, is fired up and blazing a bright new trail, determined to live an individuated life of spontaneous, spirit-led action! This means we will feel encouraged to reach new levels of fearlessness and bold expression as completely unique and authentic individuals. 

Saturn in its first full year transiting Pisces will also crystallize a commitment to trust in Divine timing and outcomes. This provides a safe container for artistic exploration of the collective imagination, leading us to fantastical solutions and conclusions that we may not have formerly believed possible. The energy throughout the year is noticeably focused, condensed, and activated, preventing our tendency to fall asleep at the wheel of our lives. No, there will be no confusion about how ON we are – this is not a rehearsal, folks. It’s showtime!  

Our primary task is to stay awake in conscious awareness while living more naturally from instinct to fulfill our human needs. To dial in the rhythms and routines that work for our unique being’s constitution, we must speak up in unapologetic self-advocacy to the authorities in power, who are still operating from the paradigm of the now irrelevant old world. Rather than see it as a power struggle from a disadvantaged position within the false hierarchy, recognize your calling to be a leader in all situations. People will need help waking up to the horizontal reality of the diversity of Creation – where all are inherently equal, sacred, and with divine right to live and thrive according to the authentic needs of their ecosystem.

We can no longer project our shadow of unintegrated parts of self onto others and expect them to change according to our definitions of right or wrong, good or bad. The lunar nodes in Aries and Libra as Pluto moves back and forth over the last degree of Capricorn for the last time is a significant release of moral judgments and dominating power structures in favor of personal freedom and individual expression within all relational dynamics. The call now is to be on the outside more of who we are on the inside – integrated, honest, and whole. If we dare to be our natural selves in each moment, we will surprise ourselves and others as to how fun, creative, strong, and sexy we can be. 

Here is an invitation to use this astrological portion of the Almanac as a guidance and learning tool. Instead of taking it in purely at face value, you are encouraged to interact with the information to strengthen your own intuitive, astrological, numerological, and divinatory knowledge and skills: 

1. Contemplate the months within their seasonal context. Apply what you know of each season’s spiritual significance in addition to the channeled messages. As always, receive what resonates and leave out the rest. 

2. The traditional Rider-Waite Tarot and our very own Mystics Oracle deck were used in divination to intuitively guide the interpretation of the astrological alignments. Read and reflect on these cards’ themes to personalize their meaning to your experience. 

3. Research the meaning of the days’ astrology transits and, ideally, how they interact with your natal birth chart. Also pay attention to repeating degree numbers of where the planets align - does their numerology mean anything to you? What do you make of this significance for the collective? 

4. TRACK THE MOON. Other than new and full moons, lunar phases and planetary  aspects are not included here because there are so many each month! Luna changes signs roughly every 2.5 days and has the most dramatic influence on our mood, especially as womb carriers, as she stirs our internal waters like tides of the ocean. Tracking our Moon, like tracking our menstrual cycle, is an ancient act of empowerment and revolutionary resistance to the Industrial Age split of spirit and matter - plus it might save your relationship(s)! 

I am honored to share the gifts of this wisdom with you and wish you a graceful, peaceful, joyful, ever abundant journey of growth. See you in the Mystics App for in-depth monthly forecasts ;) - Katina

ABOUT Katina Castillo

Passionate Pure Heart, Spiritual Warrior, Earth Guardian, Wisdom Keeper and Priestess for the Goddess, she channels natural cycles of change. A daughter, sister,  auntie, friend and guide, her purpose is Love and Freedom for all. B.A. English: Folklore & Cultural Studies. M.A. Decolonial Depth Psychology: Community,  liberation, Indigenous and Eco- Psychologies.

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