June 2023 Insights


“Even though shift towards an expanded working awareness of your truth can absolutely happen in a quantum leap, more often than not, it’s a gradual process and requires a lot of conscious effort.” ~ The Mystics Path

Passionate communications may travel quickly between you and a special someone(s), or between your own mind, body, spirit. Stay in the heart no matter how seductive the psyche and its memories may be. Break open and let more light in, boldly and bravely. You have the strength to hol…

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May 2023 Insights


“Gratitude and thanks to the north, the direction of ‘not knowing’ and the unseen realm, the direction that brings us back to the journey time and time again. North is the direction of magic, of eternal mystery and truth, where past and future intersect.” ~ The Mystics Path

Revel in the romance of life and submerge in the sweetness that surrounds you. Let yourself indulge in the dreamscape and receive divine messages that may conflict with logic. Who are the women, feminine presences and waters…

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April 2023 Insights


“People who make conscious use of their energy can have a positive impact on everyone and everything around them.” ~ The Mystics Path

Honoring yourself and expressing your needs does not have to result in conflict or struggle with others. Who taught you otherwise, at what age? Risk opening to life and all it has for you through radical intimacy. Understand the innocence and purity of authentic desire. Practice accepting yourself, your way and your needs before hoping another will. Treat yoursel…

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THE ENERGIES FOR 2023: Psyche The Magical Butterfly


I’m not here,
I know you’re looking at a body,
I know you’re looking at smiling eyes,
I know you feel a presence that makes you feel good inside,
but it’s not me;
I’m gone and something else now grows
In that secret inner space left
So dark, so fertile, and so green

I don’t know what happened,
Maybe I prayed too hard,
And fell right through the line
Into the land of ancestors, right into
The womb of dreams. It’s not like
I’ve died, I’ve just said goodbye
To an old worried attachment:
I used to know thi…

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WEAVING TRADITIONS by Rev. Tammy Lorraine


Birth Story

2023 invites us to welcome and give attention to our birth stories. The tears of grief from days past caused us to awaken to a new view of ourselves and the world around us. This is an opportunity to be born… again.

Our birth stories inform how we show up in the world. You may be thinking of how you were born into the world… the parents you choose, the circumstances you were born into. I am not speaking of the birth story from spirit to flesh. I am speaking of the birth story of th…

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“The only choice is between love and fear. Choose love.”

Thirty years ago, when I first heard this, my heart sang out, “Yes!” and I decided then and there that choosing love would be my path. My personal mantra became, “No matter the question, love is the answer.” 

Today, I believe this more than ever. I have learned that the path of love is not always easy to identify or walk,  specially in today’s business, social and political climate. It might look like the bad guys are winning, but, on th…

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WEAVING TRADITIONS: Insight from Ifa (The Wisdom of Nature)


Ifa (the wisdom of nature) greets the Modern Mystics with an invitation to be still and nurture your spirit to turn what  appeared bad, in the past couple of years, into success through the proper sacrifice. 2023 is the year to explore the depths of who you are and what your purpose is in this world. Old parts of self have been shedding and old paradigms are falling. The veil has been lifted. Collective spiritual awakening is unfolding. The age of Aquarius is upon us which is the Age of knowing,…

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March 2023 Insights


You are worthy of every sacred pause required to discern your truth. There is always enough time to check in with yourself. The only thing real is the moment you feel your breath in. Move at the speed of trust in your body, where intuition and instinct guide you. This is a threshold moment. Our faith will be tested and the power of mind amplified. You are ready. Trust in the resource management skills you have acquired and commit to your self-compassion. Feminine leadership is needed now - being…

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priscilla_highRes (1)

The time has come to rise up, sweet Child.

Yes – we’ve reiterated this because the timeliness and need for your service has only amplified.

The world doesn’t need more doers; it needs more Mystics.

Mystics are the Saviors of this world because they can see through the realms. They can connect the realms of the seen and the unseen, and they can birth and bring forth new paradigms, healing codes, techniques and so much more that is required to hold the healing energy for the planet right now. 

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*This astrological interpretation & divination focuses on the U.S. context. As an Evolutionary Astrologer, Depth psychologist, and Indigenous wisdom-keeper, I do not believe it is possible to extract myself from my context, perspective and experience. Therefore, I encourage all readers to translate the message and central energetic themes to your own unique context, trusting your intuition and discernment as to what is for you, and leaving the rest. Safe travels.

Welcome 2023, a 7 numerological…

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