May Insights


May is a fiery month of power, drive and determination that may quickly feel like too much but also quite exciting as new visions and destined directions come into focus.

There is great healing potential here, a chance to put down what is heavy onto the alchemical fire and let it burn. Another round of profound completions takes place with the Scorpio full moon opposite the north node in Taurus. Mars and Venus will both enter their domiciles this month creating both passion and ease, courage …

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April Insights

April_forecast_16_9 (1)

April is a month of new beginnings that represent great healing for our sense of self, capability, and independent drive. We can experience a sweet sense of comfort, pleasure, and newfound stability but we will be quickly reminded that the work of building our best lives in the new world continues so we cannot get complacent. Hold the
vision and stay the course. 

However, we can enjoy this energy of reprieve and continue toward our greater ideals by sinking deeper into gratitude, trust, divine g…

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Mysticism and Your Health in 2022

We live in challenging times. Times of deep transformation. Such dark times require our most potent arsenal. Our deepest magic.

You stand ready to rise. You already possess an exquisite healing balm. What is it? I’ll tell you. Carefully. Because once you learn the powerful magic already present, you may refuse to believe that such strong medicine could be so accessible, so simple

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The Second Transformational Lever: Relationships Forecast


In the guidance that is provided to us in for the mystics oracle deck, Time is described as “our collective agreement to walk through days, weeks, months, and years in a shared understanding.“  It is described as holding “a leading role” in this life and the guidance invites us to “co-create” how we experience time.

In the last few years, however, that has been easier said than done. Our experience with time has not felt like co-creation. In fact, we have felt that time has spun us out of contr…

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Spring Equinox

Here in the North we invite the energies of the East...of Spring.

Let yourself be guided by the directions into the new....

Spring Equinox Wheel - The New
E: New Dawn
SE: New Day
S: New Path
SW: New Joy
W: New Connections
NW: New Reflections
N: New Vision
NE: New Dreams

For our friends in the Southern lands...

Autumn Equinox Wheel - The Claiming
E: Claim Appreciation
SE: Claim Joy
S: Claim Harvest
SW: Claim Celebration
W: Claim Gratitude & Exhale
NW: Claim Reflectio…

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The Gift Of Gratitude

Gratitude helps us remember that we aren’t alone in our suffering and that others have survived similar suffering–people like you and me. Gratitude reminds us that there is hope for healing and change.

Gratitude is liberating.

In times like these it can be downright revolutionary.

What could it be to meet life’s challenges with a word of thanks?(for the opportunity to grow for example)
Or to meet life’s losses with gratitude (for the evidence of where we have loved)
Or to create ripples of the good s…

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Intuitive Energetics

  • I remember when I walked into the party and immediately felt the urge to turn around and run back out the same door.
  • The business meeting was dragging on and on and I began to feel the walls closing in around me.
  • I was in a relationship with someone who seemed great, but sometimes I’d get a creepy feeling inside when we were together.

We all can relate to one of these situations, or a similar feeling of unexplained energy. How do we navigate anxiety, overwhelm and other energ…

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Angel Mantras

As we near the holiday season, it’s no secret that one of the biggest sources of stress can surround our families. And our most intimate relationships. It is also a time of great joy and love and the good news is that no matter what you’re going through right now, you don’t have to do it alone. You have Angels. There are angels that can assist you with everything from how to deal with you annoying mother-in-law to how to keep your sanity when your toddler tosses your favorite ring down the toile…

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