The Mystic’s light little Magic School is here….
                                                 Magic School

                                         …a little more love …a little more light …a little more magic
                                                                               LOVE. LIGHT. MAGIC.


What is the Mystic Magic School all about?…

The Light Little Mystic Magic School is a fun self-guided tour into the world of the MODERN Mystic.

We are “normal” (well, mostly ;-), life juggling, mom-car driving, juice swilling, kombucha loving creatives, healers and entrepreneurs who are CHOOSING to have a little more fun and magic in their lives.

Claim the magic for yourself with the fun, self-guided little tour into the world of magic, ease, grace, flow, fun and mystery.

The Magic School…


Some of Lindsay’s very favorite go to experts for everyday MAGIC join us with generous lessons in their Mystical area of expertise


Light little self guided videos


How to use the material and apply it to your work

                                             Self-guided journey

The Course Curriculum…

This is a four-lesson self-guided journey with course curriculum delivered to your Inbox weekly.

Introduction and Welcome

Course Lessons…

  • Week One – Pendulums
  • Week Two – Wands
  • Week Three – Spells
  • Week Four – Potions

Unlock the joy, grace
and abundance seeking you…  


Simple. Powerful. Practical. Fun.


What else is included….

Each week we have a special Bonus Expert sharing a video and tutorial specific to their Zone of MAGICAL Genius.

Week One


The Fabulous Alexis Salutos founder of the acclaimed Chakredy program and immersion training joins us sharing her wisdom on Pendulums for Life and Business.

Week Two


Karen Crane, jeweler and crafter of all things lovely and magical shares her expertise on crystal wands in her video and tutorial

Week Three


Priestess Sarah Love McCoy brings her gift of the magic of the WORDS and Mantras to our Magic School – this alone is worth the price of admission!

Week Four


Mystic Mastery  Sister Natalie Garay – the Pilates Mama and founder of Ther-Happy Remedies and Potions joins us with her bonus class on Flower Essences for the Modern Mystic.


Moon Magic

A very special BONUS training from Astro-star Vanessa Cuoto on the “the Moon Phases and Why they Matter”- a must have for EVERY Modern Mystic calling more money, magic and meaning into their life and business!

Why “a light little” Mystic Magic School?…

I’ve created this fun little program because

  • You don’t need another course to add to the burnout pile and overwhelm list
  • You work hard enough and now it’s time to have a little fun
  • You’re ready to experience how fun and magic can not only make  good sense – but make for good business TOO (it’s all connected after all)
  • Because who couldn’t use a little more love, light, MAGIC and fun?

Let’s step into ease, grace and abundance the light little fun MAGIC School way…I do hope you’ll join us.

                                    "What we do for the one, we do for the all...." - let's make some magic!

                                                                            The Mystics Manifesto 



Hope to see you in class!…

xo Lindsay

∞ time to claim the gifts of the modern mystic ∞
p.s. Any questions? Just contact me here…I’d love to hear from you


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