This deck is your potent oracle, ally and guide on the journey to Remembering your soul’s wisdom.


Each year the Mystics Almanac brings you a sneak peek into what to expect - day by day, month by month, season by season.

The Mystic Oracle Book offers a prism of insights including guidance on each card’s energy, its allies and inhibitors, mantras, description of artwork, crystal allies to support each cards message and even more info to enhance your experience of the cards.

The 2020 Mystic PendulumHand crafted repurposed Crystal, Labradorite and balancing crystal Designed by Lindsay PeraCrafted by Mitra at Khayam JewelryCharged by Energetic Master Richard Barr Attuned to:Heaven and EarthBeauty WayMiracles & ManifestationPeacemaking & Third Doors Energetically cleared and blessed by Lindsay at Hawks’ Perch ~ Aquarian Moon December 2020

Sterling silver, hand-printed tag, with 18” chain.
Wear your magic - and gorgeous custom Mystic necklace for modern mystics everywhere

Everyday Magic for Modern Mystics Everywhere

The Light Little Mystic Magical Summer School is here!


A bundle of content from Lindsay on alignment with your life’s purpose.  Included is the Life Wheel, the Shift Wheel App, Rings and Core Routines to Align and Attract your TRUE Soul Purpose and more.


Lindsay's Mystic Manifestation Bundle provides you with the tools you need to get started developing your own Manifestation practice.  With video, graphics and a guided meditation, this bundle contains a comprehensive primer on the power and method of calling in that which you truly seek. 


Whether as a daily practice, or simply when you feel you need a little extra clearing and room for magic - Unlocking Miracles helps open the space for all the ease, grace and abundance trying to make its way to you right now.