Mysticism and Your Health in 2022


We live in challenging times. Times of deep transformation. Such dark times require our most potent arsenal. Our deepest magic.

You stand ready to rise. You already possess an exquisite healing balm. What is it? I’ll tell you. Carefully. Because once you learn the powerful magic already present, you may refuse to believe that such strong medicine could be so accessible, so simple.

Here’s the story. Every word of it is true—and it’ll be easier to explain the REAL reason for it in a moment. As an intuitive counselor, I often remote view. Not long ago, a client came to me, distraught because her 15-year old son was hospitalized and in great pain, heavily sedated with morphine. I told her I was not a doctor, but I did clairvoyantly see that her son would feel so much better with visits from a close friend. I saw a young girl his age, a soul mate. In my vision, they laughed so hard that, believe it or not, the boy’s body had miraculously pushed past his pain and he required no morphine. The boy’s mother nodded. She knew exactly who I meant. A girl his age had once visited her son. The two had laughed so hard that her son did not need pain medication for a long while. However, out of respect for the boy’s privacy, the girl had not visited recently. Hearing that, the mother made plans to invite the girl more often.

We’ve all heard the folk advice “Laughter is the best medicine.” Believe it or not, science wholly backs this up. Research shows that laughter is 200 times more powerful than morphine at reducing pain. That’s the power of joy.

Only quite recently have scientists discovered the potency of joy. Only recently did technology advance so we had equipment capable of measuring the high brainwave frequencies now associated with joy. Joy’s fast-moving gamma waves light up our whole brain. That’s revolutionary. Ordinarily, our brains slow down when we enter relaxed, meditative states (states long associated with theta and delta frequencies). However, the brains of advanced meditators actually speed up, emitting gamma frequencies. In this joyful state, synchronicities happen and we begin to see similarities and associations, where we previously saw only differences. We enter a more creative, intuitive state. We become productive, grounded, primed to see new solutions.

Can anyone reach this pinnacle of wellness, a state of high magic? Yes. There are three proven ways. Physically, you can enter the gamma brain wave state through movement: sports that push you into the zone, by dancing to the right music or forays into nature. Second, you can enter this state through advanced meditation (as mentioned). Joy just doesn’t switch on during yoga class and then leave. Advanced meditators can find joy at any time, any place. Third, you can find emotional joy—by getting out of your head and into your heart. Studies show that volunteering is one of the fastest ways to joy. No matter how stressed we are, helping others makes us feel better. All these activities—physical, spiritual and emotional—flood our bodies with endorphins.

One of the biggest surprises? Joy is tough. It doesn’t just show up when conditions are good.  The late John Lewis is one of the most joyful people I‘ve ever met. How did this man—beaten by police more than 40 times during civil rights marches alongside Martin Luther King—stay so positive? Call it faith. Call it radical joy. Call it a miracle. Know that Light shines In the darkest of times.

With that, let’s take a look at 2022. What’s the prognosis for health? The sobering news is that we’re entering 2022 with all the uncertainty that comes with successive COVID waves, new scientific discoveries juxtaposed with real-time emergencies, artificial intelligence (AI) that makes fake news increasingly harder to detect, deceptive gaslighting, widespread depression and a mental health crisis. With government COVID relief for unemployment, housing rent and business assistance gone, problems compound and it’s easy to find what’s not working.

Stay joyful. That doesn’t mean no tears. Tears cleanse. Joy helps us face our worst fears, without drama. I tell clients who are miserable after a romantic breakup, that I can’t accurately tune in if they are overly emotional. It forces them to balance. Then we can both take a fresh look.

Good energy feels profound and ordinary at the same time. Like sunshine. An ancient document “Secret of the Golden Flower” has been called the quintessential guide to meditation, coming to us from China and originally, from Hermetic Egypt. It teaches us how to discern good energy. To those with second sight, good energy often appears as soft white light and feels silky or cottony.

Although the civilizations of Egypt and China are gone, their ancient wisdom lives. I returned in this life to remember and teach such knowledge. In fact, I have a lucid memory of burying records in Egypt. I remembered this around eight years ago during a powerful past life flashback. During this vision, I channeled key teachings of “Secret of the Golden Flower” in rhymed couplets. I had no idea what I’d written. Only when I ran across English fragments of “Secret of the Golden Flower” introduced to the West by Carl Jung, did I comprehend. Immediately, I knew that Jung’s version was incomplete. Whole chapters were missing at the end. For example, I knew my buried Egyptian records spoke about a “Song of Life.” Eventually, I discovered “Secret of the Golden Flower” books pre-dating Jung’s source material. They still exist in China and reference even earlier copies. Just as I’d foreseen, they contain missing chapters, including the “Song of Life.”

Thus, thousands of years after Egyptian priests and priestesses hastily buried records under cover, the ancient knowledge lives on. Light prevails.

Here’s a list of what we as Mystics can do on a practical level in 2022.

1. Amplify energy

Remember who you are. Remember your own magic. Connect with your highest self. The connection point to your high self rests above your crown chakra, visible to mystics as a shining star. Sense it. Amplify your energy first through this point. Engage more fully with all your senses, for they are all intuitive doors. “Breathe through your pores and smell through your skin.” I learned this advice from the Head of the British Druidic Order, Emma Reston Orr, at Stonehenge. She epitomizes refinement. When I think of Emma, I think of the original Hebrew translation of the Garden of Eden as the “Garden of Refinement.”

Refinement heightens all our senses. While we as Mystics customarily pay attention to clairvoyance (sight) and clairaudience (sound), other intuitive centers prove equally valuable: clairalience (smell), clairgustance (taste), and clairsentience (touch).

Sharpen your sense of smell, for it ignites your limbic brain, your ancient intuitive center i.e. “something doesn’t smell right.” Teach yourself to notice, even when not eating. A healthy body and good thoughts produce an alkaline taste. Dark thoughts impart a metallic or sour, acidic taste. “The Secret of the Golden Flower” says true power tastes sweet. And it does. Whenever I face a decision about the wise use of power, I apply the taste test and my body comes up with an immediate answer.  As an indicator, touch can tell us much on many levels—from discomfort in specific chakras to a simple knowing throughout your body. Truth strengthens our body. Falsehoods weaken. In fact, that’s the premise behind muscle testing. Teach your body to recognize what wellness and safety feels like. Set a baseline measurement for feeling good.


2. Dream

Our conscious minds process infinitely less per second than our subconscious minds. (50 bits consciously to 11 million bits subconsciously). Program your mind with a sweet thought before you go to sleep. Ask your dreams to help you find solutions. Get comfortable and turn off the lights completely (melatonin, valuable to heal our bodies, requires darkness to do so). 

3. Breathe.

To energize, inhale. To de-stress, exhale. When life moves too fast, slow down. Work smarter, not harder. 

4. Exercise.

Studies show that for every hour we exercise, we gain that hour back plus more, living much longer lives. Even small periods of exercise or stretching can matter. If you’ve been sedentary during these COVID times, start small.

Mindful small acts contain great hidden power. Yogis tell us how to pull energy from the air. Extend your arms. Tighten your muscles. Draw in energy.

If you’re really accustomed to sitting around, start by exercising for one minute while you’re watching tv. Do the manageable first. Soon you’ll do more. Build up to 2.5 to 5 hours of exercise or brisk housework a week.  It can be done in small bursts or in concentrated sessions. That’s the recommendation for optimal wellness. Incidentally, only 1 in 5 Americans routinely does that. 

5. Take an assets-based approach to life.

Re-frame problems as challenges, lessons. Take heart. Mystics understand that we’re never given challenges we can’t handle. Switch out a needs-based approach for an asset-based approach. A needs-based approach would be, “I need to clean my messy home. I feel overwhelmed. I feel stuck.” An assets-based approach would be, “I am grateful for life, health, and friends. Having too many things is not such a terrible problem. However, I enjoy spaciousness. Surrounded by spaciousness, I can better enjoy my things and more importantly, life.” 

6. Appreciate your biggest asset: YOU and what you can bring to the world.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, psychologists are discovering so much more about our brains. As they learn, our brains and bodies are changing, re-wiring. The late Edgar Cayce, called America’s greatest psychic, predicted that by 2015, a new 5th root race of Man would arrive. This has only happened four other times in all of human history. The superpower of this new race? The ability to leap past polarities. Think about this as the world enters more fluid definitions of gender. Think about this as Christian mystics and Buddhist monks navigate Eastern and Western teachings, finding commonalities. This was unheard of even a generation ago. (Sound like the gamma brain wave state?) Mindful of America’s political differences in 2022, let’s think about how we can bridge our divides—with heart. Just as our brains are re-wiring, so is our DNA. Through meditation, telomeres at the end of our DNA are lengthening. This is the key to anti-aging.

We’re in psychology’s newest wave: Transpersonal Psychology. First came the disease model of psychology, then behaviorism (Freud), then humanism (Jung). This Fourth Wave of transpersonal psychology asks us to move past our limited selves and transcend into our unlimited selves, dancing in tune with the universe. (“Trans” means “go beyond” and “personal” refers to our limited egos.) Enter joy. 

7. During 2022, Saturn continues in Libra, its highest expression.

Saturn rules time. If you have struggled with time issues, this is a wonderful opportunity to break through those limitations, with Venusian grace. Saturn sets new structures. 

8. Finally, in 2022, there are many new ways of seeing the world.

New abilities. New discoveries. Astrology is fast-growing, including 22,000 named asteroids. (Find the position for any of them free at Ancient mystics and the Bible tell us that angels are stars. Asteroids and stars contain spirits that talk to us in dreams and inspire our waking hours.

In 2022, may you live with joy. Bless you. Know that we are passing into a new age, despite how dark it appears. Many years ago, I met the late psychic Jeanne Dixon. As a member of the press, I watched her bury a time capsule in a Seattle park. Foreseeing the year 2085, when the time capsule would be unearthed, Dixon pronounced it as “a time of great joy.” She foretold how joy will be understood in so many more ways, including the joy of work.

As a mystic, I see the same ordinary world as everyone, but I also see a transparent, gleaming world of spirit. It overlays the ordinary world like clear gel. My eyes go right to its vivid colors, its vibrancy. The Celts had a word for this: an da shealladh meaning the ability to see two sights, that of ordinary reality and the spirit energy attached to reality. With an da shealladh eyes, I saw my Grandfather in a luminous world, when he joyfully danced at his own funeral. With an da shealladh eyes, I saw a thick white cloud of energy around Jeanne Dixon, as she smiled.

In 2022, remember your abilities. See the world with an da shealladh eyes. Discern magic in the shift of the wind, or a glint caught with peripheral vision. As the Druids instruct, venture out into the sanctuary of nature.  Breathe through your pores. Smell through your skin. Sit in the shadow of a tree, noticing how the dappled sunlight sifts through its leaves and smile. As Buddha knows, that’s all it takes.

About Deni Luna

Deni Luna conducts a health and wellness forecast in the Almanac, with an 8 step approach to becoming a happier, healthier mystic in 2022.

She is a psychic medium, diviner, and intuitive coach based in Seattle. She teaches people to tune into their highest guidance, feeling heaven on earth. She practices multiple disciplines including astrology and Lipsology (the art and science of reading lip prints). She has entertained several Fortune 500 companies.

Deni believes in the power of joy and the collective good. As the Golden Rule instructs: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." No higher law exists.

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