Weaving Traditions: Insights from the guides by Juacclyn Nikol Carmouche


Ifa, (the wisdom of nature), greets the Modern Mystics with an invitation to expansion and exploration of self by being patient, truthful, and making the necessary sacrifices
in 2022. The previous two years of this new decade have been a great awakening for some and a nightmare for others. 2020 was about system and order, a sense of limitation, structure, and foundation. 2021 was about progression, newness, and constructive use of freedom. Excitement and creativity ensued for some and others were uncomfortable with things not going back to “normal”. Mandates were lifted and then re-enforced. Many jobs were threatened and freedom of one’s rights was challenged or taken away. The universal year 5 also dealt with travel and sexuality. 

As we enter into a universal year 6, key themes will be balance, responsibility, harmony, family/community, nurturing, love and healing. The primary energy comes from the West and East (feminine and masculine) dealing with how one thinks and speaks as a collective when we are at the crossroads. To be in alignment with all of this beauty, mystics must confront a problem that many are avoiding and speak the truth as we know God favors those who tell the truth. 2022 is not about running away from problems that are obvious... deep secrets and allowing distractions to take away from our spiritual development.

As a mystic, you are being called to usher in new spiritual and emotional experiences that support the universal theme for this year. It may be discomforting; however, comfort comes in by doing the work within and behaving aggressively without being excessive or too kind. Ifa says do not allow your temper to cause problems or create temporal activities. Choose to be gentle and mild in character. Now is a time to maintain your power and influence however, know the importance of not abusing either.

This year will be a time for new success in business and relationships with peace of mind and freedom from all anxiety. Being a good manager of other’s affairs may be good but also a diversion from your own responsibilities and affairs. Don’t fear taking risks on yourself as you would with others. Break loose from control, your routine that hasn’t produced any growth or solution and lack of restraint. Any stagnation can create physical discord or financial blockages. Do not run away from the possibilities and responsibilities or linger in your head contemplating. Work your resources, strategic plans, and Mystic Wheels, and build with your community for a year of good health, long life and financial success. When emotional unrest arises, remember to take time off to rest and not over-exert yourself to the extent of a physical or mental collapse. This lack of rest can lead to practical errors, losing supporters or encountering fraudulent business and or clientele.

2022 will bring rapid changes in relationships, and as the shifts take place allow things to flow. Keep your eyes on your goals and be mindful of temporal activities that can result in profit. This year do not punish or speak ill of people who are not considered your idea of normal. Acknowledging everyone is in their own lane and playing their role will allow different perspectives to exist without judgement. If there is stress and anxiety during the shift, it will be the reconciliation rather than confrontation to settle the discord. Past dealings with a particular situation or person may resurface however, this will be an opportunity to handle things with wisdom and gentle character. Ifa says appreciate those who have helped in your journey whether in a positive or negative way. 

Ifa speaks of the ancestors calling for sacrifice for complete happiness. What does sacrifice mean to you? It could be simply taking responsibility and using the knowledge  gained through experiences or even recalling their experiences so as to not repeat them. Ifa says using this knowledge could solve problems and any material success will come through spiritual action. If one does not know of their ancestral lineage, it is in the stillness and the spiritual action that will bring things to the light. Ifa says for those  family members who have passed on and were supportive during their time on Earth are to be celebrated and revered. They are assisting from the other realm, so call on  the positive ones who want to see happiness and healing. This can be done by lighting a candle, speaking with them, playing their favorite music, cooking their meals and telling their stories. 

Ifa speaks of the areas of primary focus to be finances, physical health, family and home. Take caution in financial activities and find ways to protect (inquire about a foreign trust). Digital currency is becoming a norm as companies are beginning to operate as cashless and some lack knowledge or even credit. Look into investments that may provide more return, unlike savings accounts. Build a community to bring awareness and unity in case the banking system fails or prevents individuals from obtaining their funds. In regards to physical health, don’t fear sharing your problems with those who are trustworthy. It may create blockages to receiving assistance needed to deal with the matter or to help someone else with a similar experience if you don’t share. Ifa says initiate spiritual oneness with nature and the family. Remember family isn’t always blood relatives, so it is speaking to those whom you consider family or your community. Be patient in the process and be mindful of putting too much emphasis on work which could lead to losing focus on the home and family.

During the first quarter, mystics are asked to be mindful of temper as the shifts from 2021 are still occurring. The events in November and December will either replay, or  things put into motion during that time will be revealed. The second quarter will be time to repair our strength from the winter months and spring forward feeling spiritually  replenished. If there is still some unrest, do not allow laziness to settle in because it is the hard work that will prevent the feeling of loss. In the third quarter of 2022, it will  be a time for great prosperity and healing for mystics on the path of doing the work. Ifa says illness and need for spiritual relationship may come up for those who are having a difficult time with focus or creating a change in thought patterns. The final quarter of the year is a time to plan for the coming year and time with family. As you review the year, focus more on your accomplishments than your failures or incomplete projects to avoid negative vibrations. Acknowledge the failures and incomplete projects however, don’t get stuck in thought and create a plan to move past it.

About Juacclyn Nikol Carmouche

Juacclyn Nikol Carmouche Ìyánifa and Olorisa (Yemonja and Osun) is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Numerologist, Master Reiki, Sound Healer and trained
Doula. With the blessings of Olodumare, her ancestors and Ifa, she has fully embraced who she is and she’s humble to continue to serve, teach and share the tools that have directed and guided her to fulfill her life’s purpose in this lifetime.

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