August Insights

Pain is real, but it’s also a force of awakening. Pain can deceive you by tempting you to resist the journey before you. It can make you believe the journey is not yours to embark upon. It can make you believe that maybe you'd be better off as is, in the status quo. This is a lie. Pain can lie. Pain does lie; yet, while the pain you feel is real, its message need not hold you back. You’ve walked this path before. You’ve been on it all your life. The path is your life. It has twists and turns, joy and heartache. It is peppered with hazards. It is filled with breath-taking beauty the likes of which you have yet to comprehend. - The Mystics Path

August responds to the brave intentions set at the end of July with the common conflict and struggle we feel and experience with others when we are attempting to grow beyond previously perceived limitations and honor our deeper truths. If transformation and expansion were easy everybody would be into it but it would also be less rewarding overall. There are many poignant squares and oppositions this month, aspects that create great tension among the planetary bodies and the energies they invoke in us. We may feel tested, and perhaps we are. The inner critic will make itself even more known and relentless; our drive may feel restless yet without focus. The weight of the responsibility of what we have embarked upon can press upon our faith and greatly challenge us to believe beyond what we can see. There will be the natural dampening of joy and play that comes with the culmination of summertime vibes but the personal planets will assist us in keeping our minds and hearts open to possibility and pleasure even as we take a grounded look at what needs cleaning up, how our health can be improved and core routines dialed in. - Katina

August brings with it an interesting emergence. For those in the North, this emergence bursts forth from the summer energies that sweeten the fruits for the harvest and  harken to the turning of the seasons ahead. For those in the South, true emergence from the cave is afoot and you may find yourself blinking in the returning light. In both cases the energies afoot offer a the unique alchemy of contrast. Guardian energy governing our Health and Wellbeing offers the opportunity to rest and take inventory of your health during this emergence. -Where could you use more rest or more movement? More connection or quieter? Navigating relationship issues should be playful and light as much as possible this month. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember that a little dose of humor or levity can be just the salve the heart craves. Not everything needs to be so hard or so weary. Hold it lightly and trust in the unfolding. Whispers on the wind carry insights into the true longings of the heart. After a year of tremendous grace seeking to find its way to you in the realm of your Prosperity and Abundance, this month you’re invited to put a little metal (and mettle) into your money matters. Metal is forged in fire and offers its strength and its edge in service to you. How will you use this tool for good? Metal helps you clear and cut away any excess or misaligned growth. But it also reminds us we have the tools, and that it is up to us to apply them in good ways. A little focus on your money this month could go a long way. -Lindsay

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