Tegare Speaks ( Insights from the guides )


As told to Okomfo Yao Nson Dankwaa (Barrington Salmon) 

The old Chinese adage reminds us that we’re living in very interesting times. I don’t have to tell you about upheaval, unrest, uncertainty or fear because you’ve lived and are living it. 

You had become too comfortable, following your routines, living your lives, most of you dug in like ticks as you chased your version of the American Dream. I have told you before that the trajectory this country and much of the world is on is unsustainable. We thought the warning signs – wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, grinding poverty, injustice, sexism, gender bias, greed, jealousy, and a litany of other issues – would grab your attention and bring about meaningful change but that did not happen. 

Last year, I told you that 2020 is the year when all kinds of receipts had come due. For far too long, America and other Western countries – the so-called industrialized countries – have been skating along destroying nature, rainforests, savannahs, and other wilderness areas bulldozing flora and fauna, indiscriminately sweeping away humans, animals, and plants that are the very means of their survival, all in a mad rush to extract cash and resources to fill their empty souls. They created an exploitive system that sucks the life out of everyone except those at the very top. Meanwhile, people are sick, hungry, and vulnerable, living on the streets in a country that is the richest in the world and a system that has trillions of dollars at its disposal mostly for the wealthy and connected who reap the rewards they don’t deserve.

Now as then, people need to become more important than politics or property. Taking care of each other much be the fuel that drives us. 

The elders, children, and most vulnerable need you to step in to protect them. Going forward, pursuing a course of no change is unsustainable and untenable. 

Enter COVID-19. It is a game-changer that continues to manifest in some very unexpected and necessary ways. One result has been a pause, a hard stop for you to contemplate issues and concerns that often escaped the attention of all of you busily running from home to work, to grocery store, to home to work. Blah, blah blah. 

The question you each must ask yourself is what have you learned?

Once you move past the fear and feelings of vulnerability – which are real – you can begin to think freely. It’s about change: widespread, deep, pervasive and transformational change. 

Change is both fascinating and incredibly scary and since COVID descended into your midst, the harbingers of change has been in your faces, knocking on doors, ringing the bell, doing all sorts of things to get our attention.

Did you hear us?

We had to remove things you had come accustomed to, shook loose the moorings, pulled apart those things that kept you rooted. Many of the familiar is loose and/or have been washed away.

For a little more than a year, we have tried to get your attention as COVID stalked the land. People are still reeling from seeing their lives upended and thrown off-track, myriad and cataclysmic events leaving them in places and spaces from which they are yet to recover.

But it is not the end of the world. You still have time ...

Now is the time to heal. None of you can do it alone. It has to be done collectively and must be spirit-based.

You are in the middle of a time and a period when all lies, distortions and falsehoods about who you are and how you live your lives are being brought into question. Like the ancient Egyptian God of the dead, your heart is being judged to see if it is good and you are worthy while you’re still alive. 

That’s why you have to been committed and determined to kill the pretenses, the facades, the ego and the little lies you tell yourselves to feel better. If you have a relationship, friendship or marriage that was built on sand and not constructed with strong, impenetrable material, the powerful winds of change that are already here will continue blowing it all away. 

If you have been lying to yourself, now is revelation time where all things hidden is being revealed. We tell you again, that something built on lies will not stand the fierce winds of truth. You’re all hoping that COVID will just go away so that you can return to a “normal” life, but more change is on the way and more is coming. 

What does it say about some of you that spending long days with your children, your spouses and your families left you wondering who they are and what they are to you?

You were involved in Shadow Ops, pretending to be fully engaged, playing House but not enough to really know the people living under your roof.

The 18 months at the height of COVID was a hard stop inflicted on you by the Universe. A lot of you didn’t like the pause because you had to sit still, look at yourselves, peruse your lives, confront the vagaries and realities of your life and you often saw stuff you didn’t like.

If you have been paying attention, surely you understand that you have to fight, buck, challenge this system.

Money is spiritual. Many of you have been taught to abhor or avoid money but you must use the money and resources that come to you for your neighbor’s and the community’s mutual benefit. Although this system’s gross excesses ensure that the majority of the cash and resources that flow to people, in towns, cities and communities ends up in the hands of a few, you must do what you can to help take care of the children, the elderly and the vulnerable.

You need to be constantly evaluating and assessing your relationship to money. You must work out the kinks and fears that threaten to consume you. Never forget that none of you were brought here to be poor and hungry. There is enough for everyone if humanity and compassion are the roots of your value system and if they govern your behavior. 

The new winds have forced many people to embrace the change they feared and they are doing the hard work of digging deep and assessing the inner landscape while peeling back different parts of their lives. Like them, you need to be brutally honest about what you are and particularly what these relationships and associations mean to you.

There’s a reason why so many are ending the deception, walking away from everything that held them as they go in search of themselves. Their quest is to find and hold onto their real, authentic selves.

That is good. That is necessary.

Whatever it is that you build must have as its critical elements, honesty, sincerity, and integrity. You can’t be afraid to look in the mirror at yourself and see things as they really are. Life teaches us that everything you hide will be exposed. So, if you don’t want your business in the street, stop playing around and pretending as if everything is okay. 

If you need counseling, find a couch and a qualified professional. If you need to bounce things off your friends, do it. If music, reading, writing, meditation, jogging, basketball or some related activity is your rescue, seek it.

If you feel the need to go into the bush to scream and rant, run, don’t walk. Come talk to me.

You have to stop falling over yourself trying to get away from yourself.

You must sit quietly and listen to that still, small voice. And you must seek ways to connect deeply to your roots and to your Ancestors.

Take time, a day or two, or whatever you can muster, to rest. Too much of what passes for work or progress is busy work. Remember, all your life lessons belong to you and the road you travel is yours alone. As you gain control of your life, don’t let anyone deter you from your path, from where you need to go. The reward for all of this is the creation of a new and different human being.

The world will thank you for it.

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